Dia Internacional da Pessoa com Deficiência

Comemoração do dia internacional da pessoa com deficiência
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On December 3, 2018, the International Day of Persons with Disabilities was celebrated under the motto ” Empowering Persons with Disabilities by Ensuring Their Inclusion and Equality”.

The central ceremonies took place in Maputo City and began at 8 am, with a march from Eduardo Mondlane Avenue, next to the statue and directed by Dr. Maria Argentina Simão – Director of Maputo City for Gender, Children and Social Action.

The march was accompanied by the Warethwa band, musical orchestra and the giant puppets. More than 800 people participated, most of them with disabilities, representing various typologies.

The opening speech of the festivities was delivered by His Excellency Cidalia Chaúque – Minister of the Child and Social Action Gender, at the Maometana Community Salon in Maputo City.

The festivities venue hosted an exhibition of objects made by and for people with disabilities. In the place we had several cultural moments, such as music, dance, poems recitation and the celebration lunch.

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